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Kinder Realm - Exquisite, whimsical environments and educational tools for children and adolescents.

Whimsical environments, fine furnishings and learning tools for the young at heart

Limited Warranty

Kinder Realm guarantees that only quality craftsmanship and the finest, hardwood materials make up the backbone of our work. Kinder Realm warrantees all of our solid wood furniture pieces and cottage structures against defects in craftsmanship or function for a period of 5 years. This warranty excludes willful or accidental damage. We fully expect that you will be handing down a structurally sound and beautiful piece of furniture to your grandchildren.

We strive, within every aspect of our design and construction, to build longevity into each piece. Customers should recognize that solid wood furniture is subject to moisture change. Our finish – many coats of a tung and linseed oil mixture, followed by several coats of wax - is not a complete barrier to moisture absorption (no finish is.)

The dry climate in Colorado, where we build, keeps the kiln-dried wood we use at a low moisture point. Wood expands when it takes on moisture. The result may be that double doors and drawer fronts swell slightly. This is likely the extent of the difficulty that will present itself in being shipped to a climate of higher moisture.

The best approach is to let the pieces acclimatize for a month in your home before making any adjustments. Kinder Realm will send one of our craftsmen, or help find a local craftsman in your area, to make any adjustments necessary within the warranty period. 

Long-Term Care

Solid wood furniture finishes should be reconditioned regularly. We recommend that an oil-based cleaner and polish be applied as the finish begins to look or feel dry. Specific recommendations for the care of each piece will be explained at the time of purchase. 

Return Policy

Within the 5-year, limited warranty period, Kinder Realm reserves the right to make the choice of repairing, replacing part, or replacing the whole of a damaged or non-functioning piece.

Shipping costs will be paid by Kinder Realm on any product thought necessary to return for a two-year period after purchase.

It is hoped that customers will save all crates and boxes used in shipping to store away the pieces for future generations, and to also have available for return shipping should that become necessary.