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Lever and Fulcrum Balance Scale

Lever and Fulcrum Balance Scale

The Lever and Fulcrum Balance Scale is a heavy wooden apparatus for experimentation with weight and balance. There are two sliding trays for the top of each side of the lever and two sliding hooks below. The lever bar is calibrated to allow for mathematical calculation in achieving balance with different weights. The stand allows for a single pin fulcrum in the very center of the lever and also a dual pin (hence wider) fulcrum for heavier weights. The lever has 5 notches underneath to allow the fulcrum point to be set wider or even off-center for more complex calculations.

The set includes:

  • the 52" lever,
  • the stand (12” x 4.25” x 14” high)
  • 2 – 6” diameter and 2 – 4” diameter trays,
  • 4 lower hooks,
  • set of 8 circular disk weights in graduated sizes (5.5” – 2”)
  • 2 steel pins for the fulcrum
Additional Specifications

52” x 4.25” x 14”



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