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Incline Cabinet

Incline Cabinet

This cabinet is all about balance – an ongoing exercise in gravity and in weights and counterweights. What a strange idea – having a tilted countertop. Everything falls over or rolls off … until the leveling wedges are used. Even then the shadow-box shelf units, made to sit atop the wedges, have to be set up just right or they will also tip over – especially when they are used to hold treasures of differing weights. This piece was designed with an artist in mind – as a supply cabinet with several storage sections and shelves to hold finished work. It is also a display cabinet for small treasures. The cabinet below has three sections: a removable box with two small shelves that can tilt forward and lock into place; a drawer just under the inclined top which tapers in height to fit the slant; and a larger storage space behind double doors. There are three somewhat hidden compartments – two shallow ones on the side and a larger one up top. The two large shelves just under the top compartment are meant to store oversized paper and artworks in progress. Another unique aspect of this cabinet is that it does not have a front and a back. The cabinet can be accessed from either side. This allows the piece to be set in the middle of a room.

Additional Specifications
Lead Time:
5 weeks

32" x 15" x 60"

The cabinet comes with three shadow box sections and three leveling wedges.


$2,250.00 Each

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