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Desk Unit with Pencil Box Addition

Convertible Desk / Open Shelf Unit

A drop-leaf table might be a better descriptor for the main work surface inside a Gateway Cottage. The table top is attached with wooden hinges to a shallow cabinet which has one storage shelf. The whole cabinet and desktop assembly attaches to the wall under the window. The desk top sits tilted downward a couple of inches like a drafting table but can be raised up to level with wedges when a flat work surface is needed. It can also be lowered to hang straight down when the two base cabinets supporting it are removed.

The two 12” wide base cabinets have angled tops which let the desk rest at its forward slant. Each cabinet has a door on the front that encloses narrow trays that slide open like drawers and a tall, narrow space for paper or notebooks. When wanted, these two cabinets can be set back-to-back and converted into an open shelf unit. This occurs when one side panel on each cabinet is removed, exposing the trays inside, and a separate top is placed over them. This separate top (of a composite of different woods) fits inside the desk’s wall cabinet when it is not being used and is adorned with a relief carving of columbine flowers.

The desk unit also includes a 40” long, curved front ‘pencil box’ that sits on top against the wall. It has five removable drawers that sit below a top with a railing around the sides and back.  

Additional Specifications
Lead Time:
5 weeks

Assembled: 42" x 23" x 25", Open Shelf Unit: 34" x 10" x 23"


$2,100.00 Each

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