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Cottage Set - Exterior

Full Cottage Set

Each of the three remaining must be made six by eight foot, break-apart ‘Gateway Cottages’ is a two-story, heavily-beamed structure with a large round or cathedral shaped door and a wide window opening. The lower room is designed as a study space, an art or drafting studio and as a theater. The loft is designed to be a lounge area and residence: a sofa there folds down to be a bed. Whimsical furniture pieces are designed for specific purposes within the cottage. Storage compartments are part of nearly every cabinet. Simple mechanical devices are built into many of the furniture pieces. A few examples are shelves that tilt forward for easier access; small lever and fulcrum release pins to remove cabinet panels and a pulley system that opens and closes the curtains. Sliding wooden levers with locking pins hold the couch upright or release it to fold down into a bed.

The cottage structure itself is a ‘break-apart’ puzzle. The components lock into place with ‘cradle’ joints, ‘French cleats’ and mortise and tenon construction. Many of the components are quite heavy, including five foot tall, solid hardwood posts, eight foot long cross beams, and inch and a half thick wall panels. It requires a minimum of two strong adults to assemble.

Several options are available when choosing a Gateway Cottage. One choice concerns the type of woods to be used. I have used mainly ‘ambrosia’ maple, walnut and cherry in these cottages. Another choice concerns the theme of the cottage. The three remaining are the 'bird cottage, the polar bear cottage and the sunburst cottage.' This is determined by the loft railing and post carving designs. Curtains or shutters are available to cover the window opening and transform it, when wanted, into a theater stage. We offer a 56x35" chalkboard with a tray that can attach outside. Still another choice concerns the furniture pieces available for the cottage, both in the room below and up on the loft.

There is a small power converter built into a narrow wall panel. It converts house current to 24 volts. This powers the dimmable LED rope lights around the ceiling and in the top section of the corner cabinet. There is also a standard 110 volt outlet by the desk for plugging in a computer or stereo.

A Gateway Cottage set includes the cottage structure, the round or cathedral door with heavy bronze hinges, the loft railings, the painted corner post carvings and the following interior furniture pieces:

  1. The desk unit which consists of two base cabinets; the top drafting surface which is hinged onto a shallow cabinet that attaches to the wall; and the extra top made to span the two base cabinets when they are placed back-to-back as a separate, open shelving unit.
  2. The multi-tiered and sectioned wall shelf.
  3. The two piece corner cabinet: The top section is wired with 24volt LED lights.
  4. The ladder to gain access to the loft. On the loft …
  5. The cushioned sofa (several fabrics are available) that folds down to become a bed. Several styles for the wooden inserts that fit into the top and bottom rails are available.
  6. A small inlaid table meant as a side table for the sofa.
  7. A bookcase with two shelves and a curved railing around the top.
  8. A three drawer corner cabinet with two ‘hidden,’ compartments.
Additional Specifications
Lead Time:
Full Set - 4 months

Cottage: 94" x 74" x 85"

Cottage Set includes the following Cottage Furniture:

  • Sofa with Cushions and Design Inserts
  • Desk Unit with Pencil Box addition
  • Wall Shelf
  • Desk Chair
  • 3 Drawer Corner Cabinet with Side Compartments
  • Base Corner Cabinet
  • Corner Cabinet with Lights
  • Cottage Ladder
  • Side Table with Inlay
  • Bookshelf




$18,000.00 range

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