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James Carlin


Founder & Lead Designer
        James Carlin

Designer and builder of fine woodworks since 1975

I began building furniture after graduating in Fine Art from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1975. For many years I took custom orders for every type of furniture and built-in cabinetry.  I built a few entire kitchens from scratch. All of my work has stretched the usual ... from using mixed woods, to parquetry, to carving, to secret spaces ... I've always tried to incorporate my love for pure art into the practicality of useful furniture.

My love of interacting with kids came about while working out of my small shop in the town of Berthoud, Colorado. Several neighborhood kids, a few living in apartments just above my shop, came to visit regularly. I found I enjoyed showing them how tools are used and helped several of them to build some simple projects. This led a few years later to a career in teaching both regular classrooms and specialized situations, especially with Gifted students.

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Smithsonian Craft Show

April 20-24, 2016

The Smithsonian Craft Show of 2016

I took one full Gateway Cottage, a few walls and doors from other sets and a couple of furniture pieces.

The booth with the Gateway Cottage was swamped the full four days with both kids and adults who settled right in - putting on puppet plays at the theater window; teens climbing up into the loft to relax with each other and text their friends; and with adults who often asked if I couldn't make the cottage just a bit taller.               What a thrill to have this opportunity!

American Crafts Council - San Francisco

This American Crafts Council Show, held at the Fort Mason Center - the old naval base, now a National Park on the San Francisco Bay - was my first craft show in August of 2015.  I managed to display a full cottage - minus one wall to allow folks to see inside a bit easier - as well as a dresser, a "tower Cabinet' and an "Incline cabinet," all in a 15' booth space ... a bit cramped.  It was an honor and a delight to enter into the national craft scene here. 

American Crafts Council - St Paul, MN

April 8-10, 2016

St. Paul, MN


This juried show invites 225 artisans to exhibit some of the finest handmade craft - from jewelry and ceramics to metal sculpture and fine furniture.  Held in the prestigeous River Center in St Paul, Minnesota, this annual three day event draws over ten thousand craft lovers. The delight on the faces of both adults and children as they explored the cottage and furniture pieces brought great joy.

We were honored with the award for best booth design.